Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chapter Eleven - Page 85

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Spring is here, and that means bitey flying things that think I am a honey stick. I swear to science, if you ever find yourself both in need of bugspray and near me, then you will discover that I am the best bug repellant in history - for you. They flock to me in a cloud. DEET does nothing but leave a bad taste in their mouth after they're done sucking my blood. And the next day I wake and my antihistamine response says "AUGH!!! ITCHY!!!!!!" and it's like worms crawling under my skin. 

Just finished two warmup days on Trail, that was fun! (Except the goddamn biting things) Now, Tortoise & Hare is off to a remote part of West Virginia for a five-day cabin camping trip, and that will be awesome. The cabin offers excellent company, great friends, very close proximity to a pristine river (we have to cross it in a canoe just to get to the cabin, which close friends of the family own), but what it does NOT offer is internet/phone/anything service. So, if you purchase from our fantastic Etsy offerings or desperately need to talk to us for anything, it will have to wait until late Monday night, at the earliest. Forewarned!

Have a great Memorial Day, everyone, and kill all of the goddamned mosquitoes. All of 'em. 

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