Friday, March 21, 2014

Chapter Ten - Page 77

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A few things this week - yes, the style is changing to a more b/w style, and that will continue. Although soon, the glorious color cover of #6 will be posted as iss #5 is drawing to a close, so that's fun to look forward to. :) 

Descending is getting great reviews, which is awesome, and has spurred sales of Behind the Veil too. Don't be left out on this series, read it now! 

Next week, we'll be making our first appearance at The Twisted World, a crazy mixed-bag of adult convention stuff, from music to movies to art all pointed at an above 17 audience. No idea what to expect, so that will be interesting - and the Dead Milkmen and Andrew WK are playing, so that's awesome! Come out and see us in Valley Forge, PA!

And finally, congrats to M. L. who won our contest for a free mini print! Contests are run periodically at our Tortoise & Hare Facebook page so if you haven't liked us there, check it out! All of our online-sales prints are available at our Etsy page!

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