Friday, March 14, 2014

Chapter Ten - Page 76

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You know, I call Dissolution my "mature content experimental graphic novel." The reason I include the word "experimental" is primarily because I had NO idea what I was doing when I started out. I thought I was a decent artist, if untrained, and while I grew up with comics, I had never really paid much attention to things like layout, panels, text bubbles, linework, composition, and everything else that goes into sequential storytelling as a craft. I wish I had, but on the other hand, it's been fun to learn as I go.

The first volume of Dissolution was penciled and inked on cheap copy paper, and I scribbled the pages between customers I had to help in order to get paid. I am not good at smiling at unreasonable people, so that job wasn't really one I was super well suited for, but it paid the bills and gave me time during the school seasons to work on art and writing and whatever else I did. Along the way I discovered that man cannot live on splash pages alone, and that text bubbles were harder than I'd anticipated. I discovered that my style isn't set in stone. I discovered that there were things called "Comic boards" that made the comic printers hate me less than my ridiculously wrong-sized initial pages, and even comic layout pages where I could thumbnail out panels and script each page alone. I learned that I needed different tools, and that I run through prismacolor black brush markers quickly. I learned that india ink and a brush is good, but that I need a lot more practice at it before I'm really happy with the results. In fewer words - I've learned a LOT.

However, it's been an expensive lesson. The Kickstarter helped TREMENDOUSLY, but convention goers much prefer to buy my fan art rather than independent comic books, a sad but undeniable truth. I sell fan art to fund this project, and other original content pursuits. It's likely that for Issue #6 - and perhaps going forward - I will be buckling down and working on really improving my black and white compositions and linework, and texturing. That will probably mean that while the webcomics may have limited color, the actual printed books will be black and white. It's just too expensive to print every issue in full color. :( 

But no worries, folks. Dissolution is my workshop, my studio, my practice area. I won't stop, and I have enough story to last a very long time. So, if you do enjoy my "experiment," let me know, and please, keep reading. The best is absolutely yet to come.

In the meantime:
  • Descending is on sale in Kindle and Paperback editions
  • It's been garnering some good reviews! Some more!
  • Dissolution Issue #5 is in my hot little hands, and I'll be adding it to our convention circuit! 
  • Speaking of Conventions, come see us all this weekend at James Madison University's Madicon! There will even be a special variant limited print on sale specially for Madicon for the same price as our regular prints?! Insanity!

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