Friday, January 31, 2014

Chapter Ten - Page 70

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FREE BOOK! Yes you! Can win one of two advance reading copies of Descending, the second in the Gina Harwood series AND! You can win it before you can buy it. CLICK HERE to go to Goodreads and enter to win!  It's free to enter, and while you're there you can put Descending on your "Want to Read" shelf ;)

Several conventions/festivals coming up in the next few weeks that are outside of our usual wheelhouse. Next Saturday night we'll be in Greencastle, PA for the Folkin' Facial Hair Festival (yes, really) - when I heard about this, I just had to sign up! It's at a pub, there's a beard contest and bluegrass music, and we'll be there along with a few other vendors. The festival's proceeds go to the REACH charity of Washington County.

Then, on Valentine's weekend we'll be in Ocean City at the Gold Coast Mall for the President's Day Fine Arts & Crafts Festival. Got a hotel room overlooking the ocean, so I'm super-uber-epically excited about this one. Valentine's and ocean view? YES PLEASE.

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