Friday, January 17, 2014

Chapter Ten - Page 68

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Welcome to Chapter 10: Q&A. Issue #5 will be a bit longer than the others, simply because I can't find an easy cut point prior than FOURTEEN pages from now (on top of the six already in this issue). Ah, well, not complaining too much, except I'm so far behind guys, really, so far. I try to stay an entire printed issue ahead of the website, but that's fallen far away with the holidays and the rush to get a bunch of fan art completed for the spring convention season, and several commissions that took me off guard. (I am in no way complaining about the commissions. Yay money!) And it's dialogue heavy. And I'm trying to get my second Gina Harwood novel ("Descending") published by 2/28 (it's mostly finished, just layout now, already designed the cover), as well as the first episode of Voyage of the Orion Rose - a serial science fiction novel - by the end of March. Talk about busy!!! Oh, and you're the first people to hear about VOTOR, so congratulations! You heard it here first! ;) Check out Behind the Veil before the new books pile up!

I hope everyone survived the holidays with a minimum of liver damage and a maximum of love. I can't promise that my liver didn't suffer, but I'm doing a-okay on the second part. Onwards and upwards!

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