Friday, November 15, 2013

Chapter Eight - Page 61

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Super cool weekend, this one. First, it's been a cornucopia of brilliance in the Doctor Who universe (because I am a massive nerd, and I have long ago come to terms with it) - Night of the Doctor (Absolutly Amazing!), new trailer for Adventures in Time and Space (confession: I had completely forgotten this existed, so when the trailer was shown to me, I about shit a brick in excitement). Yay! 

On top of this stream of Fangasms, however, is a lengthy roadtrip to Indianapolis for the HoBLotH (sic: capitalization), where we finally get to meet a bunch of our online friends in real life (yes, I know how that sounds), and hang out with  a few game developers and respected author Tracy Hickman. @_@ Just hanging out in garb, drinking drinks, eating crudites (and whatever other fancy foods Joseph has crafted). Lots of alcohol likely to be imbibed, many games to be played (including Hickman's own Sojourner Tales - he's leading us in a game before it even hits the market) and it should be a really fun time. Well worth the eight hours of us cramped in a Jeep Wrangler to get there (and eight more hours to get back). :)

Also, I cannot WAIT for you all to see the cover of the next Dissolution issue, I'm so proud of it. :)

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