Friday, November 1, 2013

Chapter Eight - Page 59

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So, along with Dissolution Issue #5, I'm hard at work on the second Gina Harwood novel. It promises to be more of a traditional horror story than the first (well, half of it anyway), with the other half being an exploration into more Lovecraftian-style areas. I'm loving it, and the writing is coming easily. I always think its strange when I sit down to write, and out of nowhere, the story goes in a completely different direction than I had expected when I first sat down; it's even stranger when it fits seamlessly into what I have written already, as if I was paving the way for this plot point all along. When I wasn't. But if I wasn't... who was? Spooooooky. ^_^ Check out Behind the Veil: A Gina Harwood today, so you don't get too far behind on the story. The paperback version is currently on sale, down to $7.59 from its regular $9.99, at I'm expecting the second novel to be ready early 1st quarter of next year, so not too long to wait now, kiddies.

Cobalt #2 is shipped to the printers, just waiting on the proof now. As soon as it's available to us, it will be made available on the THC store

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