Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chapter Seven - Page 50

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She's a cruel one, Mr. Grinch. She's a messy, crazy fool. She's a vixen til the knives come out and chop off parts of you, Mr. Griiiii-inch!

Hello, from mostly-sunny Maryland! I come at you tonight with one hand full of a delicious frozen custard and a belly full of liquor. Mmmm.

Our trip was a success, in that we are now Marylanders... Marylandians... Terrapins? We're indescribable, but reside in Maryland. My goal this year: As I have quit "traditional" jobs, my only goal is to get better at my two preferred crafts: writing and art. YOU will be the judge as to whether or not I succeed. Well, you and the number of flies flying out of my wallet as it makes the "puuhhhhh" sound of a starving artist/author.

You might notice the art style is a tad bit different in this here Issue #4.  I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed drawing it. 

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