Friday, July 5, 2013

Chapter Six - Page 43

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SoonerCon went surprisingly well for my first con with an artist's table! I had a blast, met a lot of great people, and sold more than I had honestly expected to. However, I also learned a lot of important lessons for next time - and the many times after that. ;) The most important of these lessons is: PRINTS. I don't know what I want thinking!! Bringing originals, all in black and white, instead of beautiful color prints that I could sell for cheaper! I was too focused on comic books in a non-comic-book-focused convention, and could have done much, much better with prints and a better display. However, all that aside, it was definitely a fantastic experience - both on its own and for the future.

These posts are going to look a bit odd - I'm having to do several at a time and hope the timing works appropriately on blogger. Having never used it before, I'm a little worried about it... but as I have no internet at my own abode for a while, this is my only option to keep getting pages out! 

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