Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chapter Six - Page 41

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So, it's been a tumultuous week. Last Friday, I stepped in a hole whilst playing disc golf (I know, I know, I need to come up with a much more interesting story) and snapped a few tendons in my ankle. SUCK. So, a half-cast and some crutches later, my week has been a little weird. I have a much greater appreciation and sympathy for people who have to do this all the time. 

Today, however, beat that to death. We went out of our shitty little apartment to go to my mom's and help with some repairs, and found my poor little scooter destroyed. It was chained to the pole in front of the jeep and instead of cutting the chain and taking the scooter away (would have been both smarter, less traumatic, and they would have gotten away with a scooter instead of just destroying the goddamn thing), they hooked some vehicle to the pole and revved their engine, ripping it out of the ground and the scooter virtually in half. Also did some damage to the jeep. The scooter is pretty much not salvageable, and after talking to the groundskeeper, who said that there have been 8 break-ins in the last 15 days, we need to get out of here. I am livid. My poor little scooter. :( It never did any harm to anyone. 

SoonerCon is coming up, last weekend in June in Midwest City, OK. We'll have an artist's table there, come say hello and check out our projects! Dissolution will be on display, of course, and you can see some upcoming pencils and inks for volume 2 as well. See you there!

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