Saturday, June 1, 2013

Chapter Six - Page 39

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Tuesdays. Funny story about Tuesdays, they really are my least favorite days. I used to be a manager at a call center here in Tulsa, and my whole team knew of my hatred for Tuesdays and most of them ended up agreeing with me. The Curse, they called it. The Curse of Tuesdays. I wonder if that ever followed them after I left the place. If any of you inmates are out there, let me know...

The proof for Cobalt came back great, so we've ordered some. They may be up on the Dissolution store, at least temporarily, since we have no other store to place them in right now. Tortoise & Hare Creations needs a page to aggregate all of our goods - before now, the only things we had physically to sell was Dissolution, but several other physical projects are coming, and Cobalt is only the first to be birthed into reality. Check it out, it's lovely and written by Will - if you like old noir detective stories, this will be right up your alley.

Also coming shortly is a full-length, 85k word novel written by yours truly. We hope to have it up on Amazon for Kindle purchases within about a week, now that the editing process is mostly over. Still designing a cover and finalizing the name.  I hate naming projects, for some reason.  It's been "Book One" for three years, simply because I knew it would hatch a series, but wasn't willing to give it a name yet. Incidentally, if you want input on that, feel free to like us over at the THC Facebook and answer the poll there. So far "Behind the Veil: A Gina Harwood Novel" is winning, but that first part is still up for discussion. ;)

As for Dissolution: Volume Two, it has not been forgotten either. I even managed to find (well, Will found them, I squealed and hopped up and down) some REAL COMIC BOARDS. WOO! Now I'm all official and shit! But don't sign me up for responsible adulthood, I don't think that will ever actually happen.

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