Friday, May 10, 2013

Chapter Six - Page 36

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Yes, chapter six's splash page is a little spartan. I'll likely be uploading page 37 sometime this weekend to make up for it. :)

Awesome news, the prints, the prints are on their way! I can't wait to see them! That does of course mean I can go ahead and mail out those as well, and then all I'll have left is the custom prints for my two largest backers from Kickstarter. ALMOST DONE! YES! 

Cobalt is coming along really well, a few more pages done. You'll notice I'm not really linking anything - since it's a one-shot comic (with the potential for a few more in that universe) written by the phenomenal W. O. Billman II, it's going straight to print. It's done in a very noir style, with thick blackscale shading and is a very different art style that I've really enjoyed doing. I think some of the lessons I've learned and the tricks I've picked up doing Cobalt will be making their way into Dissolution: Volume Two. Very excited to get started on that! 

So how can you see Cobalt?? Well, we're planning tentatively to be at SoonerCon the last weekend of June, and I'm sure we'll make the Cobalt book available for purchase somewhere, maybe at the Tortoise & Hare Creations page once it's finalized. But if you're in the region, we'd love to meet you in person at SoonerCon! Hoping to attend a few more cons this year as well, so we'll definitely keep you posted. Maybe I should create an events link page at the top? Hmmmm... maybe so!

Also, I am not - clearly not - the religious sort. I consider myself "spiritual" to a degree, which I know is a cop-out of the highest caliber, but I just could never get behind organized religion. However, I do believe the human mind is very powerful indeed, and prayer - or directed thought, even - may definitely have a place in the human project. That said, I would really appreciate if you would keep two people in mind: One, Tempus, a sweet seventeen year old girl and the daughter of a good friend of mine, who recently came out of a week-long coma and is struggling to overcome some brain injuries. She's an awesome girl, a Doctor Who fan (yay!), and really bright. That will be a long road to recovery, and any thoughts her direction may help. Two, my Nana, whose health has severely declined and has recently had some bad falls. My Papa, who is nearly as old as she is, does his best to look after her and is a real patient soul, but I think she may be nearly beyond his care. I ask for thoughts toward her - either a speedy recovery, or at least, less pain. Most preferably, both. 

Thank you all for your support!

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