Saturday, April 6, 2013

Chapter Five - Page 31

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posting, it's been a crazy week. One thing that has kept me a bit busy is a progress piece/timelapse comic scene you can view here for Shroud of the Avatar. Go check it out and give us a like on YouTube so we have a chance to win an autographed cloth map from Richard Garriott! Super cool! I think it turned out quite nice - the script and editing is courtesy W.O. Billman II and he did a great job on it, made it very easy on me with some very clear direction. :) Please go give us a like!

Also, the Dissolution Store is now up and running, link is across the bar at the top. Right now the only thing available is access to the PDF file of Dissolution: Volume One, which covers the first 48 pages of the story. Print version is still waiting on the proof from the printer to come back, and stickers and mini-buttons are on their way. SQUEE!

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