Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chapter Three - Page 20

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I have to say I am SUPER HAPPY with this page. ^____^ Best dead guy I've ever drawn.

Ok. Recipe time. I will bring it back to form with a Paleo/Primal recipe, although it's easily just the main course of a non-Paleo meal too. As a po' person, whole chickens are awesome. They're cheap, because they're not as "convenient" as prime cuts of chicken, and often on sale, and you can choose a smaller one if the change in your pockets ain't enough... (Said if I was richer... I'd still be witcha....), and the leftover options are well-nigh unlimited. 

So, without further ado - Easy Starving Artist Rotisserie Style Whole Chicken - without a Rotisserie, cuz who has one of those??

1 Whole Chicken (take out the innards, or the bag o' innards. Use em or toss em)
Onions (a few, cut into large chunks or even just quartered)
Garlic (lots of this magical fairy stuff)
SPICES: Salt (2T), Paprika (1T), Onion Powder (some), Garlic Powder (or garlic salt, just cut down a bit on the regular salt - some), Thyme (1T), White Pepper (I love this crap - some), Cayenne (to taste, usually 1tsp or so), Black pepper (some) and oh, you can throw other stuff in there too if you want, like cumin or chili powder or sage or oregano or experiment. Endless variations.

Rubbbbbbb the spices alllll ooovvvverrrr the chicken. Inside... and out.... toss garlic and onions into the cavity. STUFF IT FULL. Double wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or at least a long time. :P

Oven - 250 degrees

Bake uncovered til the internal temperature is about 180 degrees. This will vary depending on the weight of your chicken. Take chicken out. Let sit for about 10 minutes. Chow like a caveman.

Leftover possibilities include - chicken soup, chicken stock, enchilada fillings, stir frys with chicken pieces, omelettes, stuffed peppers, and whatever the hell else you can make with chicken, which is everything.

<3 to any new Reddit readers, I'm "indigowarrior."

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