Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chapter Three - Page 18

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This week's Starving-Artist-Doing-Paleo-on-the-Cheap recipe is - Roast Beef. Not Pot Roast, I know this seems so super simple, but it is so delicious, it's worth giving it a shot.

Roast Beast.

I used a beef arm roast for this, because I'm poor, and it was on sale. Nonetheless, it was perfect. I marinated it in a bit of Allegro overnight, but this step isn't necessary. Rub salt, pepper, and any spices you want all over the outside (I added a bit of chopped garlic, some paprika, and some oregano - sounds weird, I know). Let it sit on the counter for a while. Just to chill. Think about it's short life. Ponder it's regrets. After about 30 minutes, drizzle some olive oil on top of it and toss it in the oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes. Then lower the temp to 350 or so, and bake for 45 minutes (or longer, use a meat thermometer for your desired level of doneness). Take it out, set it on the counter, and DON'T TOUCH IT for at least ten minutes! Admire that hunk of ex-cow. Seriously though, you do want to let it rest. Then slice it thinly and eat it. I STRONGLY recommend some horseradish sauce with it, as that was just heaven. I served it with some broccoli and cauliflower in garlic butter, and a side salad (green leaf lettuce, roma tomatoes, and cucumber) tossed in a little olive oil and apple cider vinegar (didn't have balsamic, but turned out ok - don't need much vinegar at all). 

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