Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chapter Three - Page 17

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Yep, he's dead. Doesn't mean he still can't be the main character, though. Death is apparently funny that way.

For this week's Starving Artist recipe, I'm a bit puzzled. You see, I just re-started Paleo/Primal eating (google it, it's awesome and there are a lot of resources, but Mark's Daily Apple is a great one), so I want to share a Paleo recipe - but I don't have a lot of cheap ones yet. Other than my soup which is happily, perfectly Paleo. So, I'm going to share an old Family recipe because it's delicious, and other than a few controversial ingredients (rice is iffy, soy sauce is iffy, and you can eliminate the sugar and cornstarch as I did the other night, and not miss out on any taste) is pretty close. And it's good. And it's still pretty cheap.

ODLE BEEF TERIYAKI (it's not teriyaki, but that's what they called it, so that's what I call it)

1/4c roughly olive oil & sesame oil mixed 
1/5c soy sauce (I used a little less) 
2T cooking sherry 
A small spoonful of ground ginger (probably 1tsp?) 
A larger spoonful of diced garlic (probably 2tsp?) 
Some black pepper

Not Sauce:
I thinly sliced beef arm roast (it's all I had available but it turned out super) and drenched it in the sauce. Then I cut up a green pepper and half a large yellow onion, and about 10 green onions (I love them). I cooked up the beef, onions, and peppers on medium heat, added enough cold water to the reserve marinade to make about 1/2 cup (maybe more). Once the beef is about done, i add in the rest of the sauce and let it simmer til the peppers and onions are nicely cooked. I don't add the green onions til the end for a bit of crunch :D YUMMMMM. Eat over rice, or not, or whatever.

Happy 2013, readers. This year is going to be fucking magical.

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