Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chapter Two - Page 14

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Welcome to our new readers from Belfry, TWC, and clickthroughs on PW ads - if Project Wonderful brought you here, and you like it, would you please let me know?  I'm playing around with it, although like so many of us I am a starving artist so I don't have much to play with, and so far have gotten better returns on my Fern Sea Chronicles webcomic rather than this one. I imagine some of that is definitely to do with targeting - it's much easier to target a family-friendly fantasy steampunk webcomic than an adult-content super long-form graphic novel. Eh. Never said I was in it for the money - I don't think ANY illustrator is. At least, not ones you find online. Ramen noodles for the win!

Actually, while I'm at it, I thought I might share my "Starving Artist Chicken & Veg Soup." It's delicious!

1-2# of cheap chicken cuts (legs or thighs are usually the cheapest, whatever's on sale)
1/2 bag frozen broccoli
1/2 bag frozen corn
1/2 bag frozen green beans
1/2 bag frozen carrots
1 onion, diced
Opt: 3-4 chicken bouillon cubes for extra flavor
(These are what I use, but you can add whatever veg you feel might fit, and/or is on sale. Also, beans are a great way to flesh this out, esp black beans.)
Lots of garlic. (Up to a full head)
Spices (I use: white pepper, cayenne, chili powder, oregano, basil, rosemary, thyme, black pepper, sea salt, dry mustard, and anything else I have laying about the place)

Fill super-large pot with water. Toss frozen or thawed (doesn't really matter, since it's gonna cook forever anyway) chicken in with onion, garlic, spices, bouillon cubes. Bring to a simmering boil and leave it there til the chicken is falling off the bone. Pull the bones out. Add the broccoli first - you want the bits to almost completely dissolve, which nicely thickens the broth. After about 20 minutes, add the rest of the veg and any add'l spices or salt you think it needs. Cook longer.

Eat. This freezes super well too.

I love this because with two super-cheap flats of chicken (2-4 bucks ea), 2 onions, and one each of all the veg bags, I can make two gigantic soup pots that will each feed me for almost a week. That's $5 (roughly) per pot of soup, which makes at least 8 bowls of soup - and is pretty nutritious for a poverty-meal. Yay! 

I have lots of other "Starving Artist" recipes - some of them deceptively gourmet ^_~ unlike this one - maybe I'll start sharing them. :)

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