Friday, December 28, 2012

Chapter Three - Page 16

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Welcome to Chapter Three! Who is that handsome man? Haven't we seen him before? Oh, I think we have

This week's Starving Artist recipe is a bit of a DIY recipe. Of course, they all are, I suppose. 

Goulash. We all think it's ghastly as kids, but boy is it cheap. A bit of elbow macaroni, a small amount of cheap ground beef (or ground turkey if you're FANCY), some chopped up onions and green onions, some garlic salt, chili powder, cumin, and black/white pepper and you're set for a few days. A seriously small amount of money can end up feeding you for a while. Is it terribly lazy that I'm not sharing an exact recipe? Well, yes, you see I have a LOT of cleaning to do today (starving artists don't HAVE to be disgustingly messy all of the time - though I usually am, which is why the word "LOT" is capitalized), work is crazy so I'm a bit worried about next week's comic so I need to start that today as well, and like usual, I don't really USE recipes. I just try to approximate what I do when I write them down here. So - because I love all of you (if you really exist out there) - here is a whole BUNCH of goulash recipes and derivatives. I can't really vouch for them because my goulash consist of exactly what I mentioned above (sometimes I add extra veg if I have them just laying about). Simple and delicious.

See you next week!

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